Two books every entrepreneur should read… but probably hasn’t heard of.

A very smart dude.

A very smart dude.

Scientific Advertising and My Life In Advertising are two books that every entrepreneur should read. They were written by Claude Hopkins. He was a pioneer of effective, measurable advertising.

Why is this important to an entrepreneur? Well, to be in business you have to sell and market your product effectively. You need to understand your customer. You need to test ideas, products, and markets. These books will teach you how.

Simply reading Chapter 2 of Scientific Advertising titled Just Salemanship may be the most profitable five minutes you’ll ever spend reading.

Hopkins used plain and direct language, strong guarantees, and clever offers to get incredible results. The ad man David Ogilvy said Scientific Advertising changed his life.

Claude Hopkins dedicated his career to understanding a prospect’s wants and desires. A man committed to the idea of “practical selling”, he was scientific about the process. Hopkins demanded to see that his techniques would produce sales.

He tested every idea on a small market first to see if it worked before throwing more time and capital at a campaign. If the campaign produced sales, it was applied to larger markets, if not, he would move on to the next idea. Using this method he kept his losses small and let his winners run.

If you haven’t heard of Hopkin’s work don’t worry. The books were written in the 1920’s.

While technology has changed, human psychology has not. The principles in these books are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago.

And you can read Scientific Advertising and My Life In Advertising online for free.