Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning


My name is Bruce.  How’s it going?

I hope it’s going fantastic for you.

First thing.  I know nothing about writing. Except what I’ve read in books about writing (On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft) and various articles.

I started writing for the first time while I was in the hospital.  I had been crushed by an unfair avalanche while snow skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I died.

When I came back I found I’d broken every bone in my face, smashed my jaw to bits, broke a rib which punctured, then collapsed my lung, and severed my ACL.

My sister encouraged me to write on my website to friends and family to keep them updated about my injuries.  I said “no.”  I was in too much pain and on life support.  She said it would make me feel better.

She was right.  I started writing a post and I started crying.  But for some reason I felt better.  I began to see that writing is a release valve for pain.

A few years later I started this blog as a way to force myself to keep writing.

My goal is to create value for others.  What does that goal have to do with this blog?  Well, I’m trying to put up topics that I find interesting and that also may be helpful to you, the reader.

I’m trying not to post just blathering nonsense.  I want to put out stuff that people can use.  Occasionally my opinion might devolve into a rant.  I try to avoid that.

I try to speak about topics I have a good knowledge of so that I can add value to you, my dear reader.  I appreciate your time and don’t intend to waste it.

I like to talk about a wide rang of topics like continuous learning, writing, marketing, psychology, finance, health & exercise, fine wine, books, and snow skiing.  If you have a question that I can help you with let me know.  I can be found at:


@fakebruce1 on twitter

@brucepaulson on instagram

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