Just Another Day Battling My Excuses

body weight workout

The Floor is Always there to Battle Your Excuses.

I did not want to workout today.  Why?  No reason.  I was just being lazy and coming up with all these excuses about why I didn’t need to workout.

Not a big deal but over time, if you talk yourself out of thing you think or know you should be doing.  Well.  That shit adds up.  That shit can turn into a pattern or a groove.  And we love patterns and grooves because they are easy, the are familiar, and they feel good.

I did some good work this morning for a client for my SEO business and I felt I’d accomplished something.  Next I felt I should accomplish something for my body, and that meant putting in the sweat equity and working out.

Now, I don’t have a gym at my house.  All I have is one 30 lb. dumbbell.  And the floor.

That’s all I needed.

Pushup Routine

I started with a condensed version of Mike Rashid’s warrior pushup routine (check out his YouTube channel).  Cause I’m weak I only did 6 pushups and a total of 4 different variations.  Pushups are a lot harder when you go to full extension.  Form is everything.

Leg Raises

After that I laid on my back and did single leg, leg raises.  This exercise is hard to describe so I won’t even try.  The purpose of this exercise is to build strength in my butt (I think this muscles is called the glutes, but I’m not sure) and hips.

I always do 3/4 the amount of reps on my right leg because my right leg is way stronger.  I’m right handed and my right side has always been more dominant, then I severed the ACL in my left knee in the avalanche and ever since then my right side has taken over.

So I try to get more reps in on my weak side.

Bent Over Rows

Next I pick up the 30lb. dumbbell and do 1 arm rows.  I pay attention to form on this.  It’s easy to use bad form and just let your bicep do all the work.  When you do this your back doesn’t work and the whole point of this exercise it to work my back.

Form matters.

I also keep both legs on the ground.  I learned the importance of keeping both legs on the ground for a bent over row from Jeff Cavalier (definitely check out his YouTube channel).


I finished off the circuit with squats holding my 30lb dumbbell.  I pay attention to bending at the hips, getting past 90 degrees on the way down, keeping weight off my toes, and having my chest rise at the same time as my hips on the way up.

You might think that 30 lbs isn’t much weight.  You are correct.  But, I’m still trying to get my form dialed on squats, and I did 20 reps.

I did this circuit 3 times.  By the start of the 3rd circuit I was sweating and huffing and puffing.  It was a solid, efficient workout.

I’m glad I did it.  I really wasn’t feeling like it.  I just wanted to eat food.

Instead, I summoned the strength to get a workout it.  And it made me feel better.

It’s not easy.  I often talk myself out of exercising.  But I know I can win the mental battle and get to work, if I really try.

This Applies to Everything

In this example I’m talking about working out.  But, I have these battles in my head all day ‘er day.

I have this same battle with writing for this blog.  I tell myself I want to write on this blog more, but then I find reasons not to.

I’ll wait to write until I have the motivation.  Or I start writing.  Wait a day to edit what I wrote.  Then that day, ends up becoming a week or two.  Then when I go to edit it, I don’t want to, so I just post it.

With this technique I can manage to post an article a month.  Which is pathetic.

Done is better than perfect.  Perfection is the enemy of action.

I struggle with this, especially with this blog.  I want to put out good ideas and thoughts, because I appreciate the fact that you, dear reader, took time out of your day to read this.

But, if I try to make it the best I can, then I won’t make much.

One of my favorite blogs has no editing.  It’s written by a finance guy, and there’s not even spell check.  Sometimes, it’s so bad, that I can’t figure out what the author is talking about.  But most of the time I can, and the blog has really good insights.

So what do you think?  How do you overcome the reasons you come up with to not get shit done?

I default to done is better than perfect.  I didn’t have the greatest workout today, but I got it done.



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