The Secret Power of Superman?


I never see Superman drink any boos. I never see Superman eat any food. He’s usually just flying around saving the world. No time for merry making for Superman.

That might be where he gets his power, from not eating all the time. He’s probably so busy fighting bad guys that he skips eating for a day or so. And because of this, the dude is super healthy… he’s Superman.

The human body dedicates a lot of energy to digesting food.

We eat food all the time, everyday.

Hell, I’m always eating. I eat food to pass the time. I eat food just because I’m bored. I’ll look in the fridge because that’s the most exciting thing to do.

The body isn’t designed to eat this much food.

When we were chasing and running from animals in the great and wild plains of prehistory, we weren’t always successful in obtaining food. Humans survived because they were able to sustain through periods of no-eating.

When the body doesn’t eat food and doesn’t have to devote those energy units towards digesting foodstuffs, the body directs that energy to cleaning out the system. The body starts hunting down trespassers, like plaque that is choking your arteries, and destroys it.

When the body isn’t digesting, it focuses its energy on “cleaning the house.”

Get Fast Healthy.

When I discovered fasting I was blown away.

Intentionally not eat food? What kind of crazy thinking is that? But I’d been blown up by an avalanche, my body was devastated from the trauma and resulting surgeries. My ego (or is it the Id?) was crushed, which was great because that meant that my mind was open to suggestion. I was willing to listen to new ideas. I was willing to learn.

That’s when I found out about non-religious fasting.

I wanted my body to heal itself, to hunt down all the bad shit, the drugs and radiation from x-rays, etc., that had built up in my system.

It cost nothing to try it. Water was free. I even saved a little money because I wasn’t eating.

I began fasting one day a week. Usually on Mondays because Monday’s were already a mehh sort of day and it was at the beginning of the week so I could get it out of the way, then have a nice week.

I did this most weeks for about a year. At the end of the year I fasted about ¾ of the Mondays.

Becoming My Own Bank

In 2014 I decided to set up my first Infinite Banking Concept account. This is where you use a dividend paying whole life insurance policy from a mutual life insurance company, to build up a pile of money that you can access at any time.

Before I was sold the policy I had to get a physical for the life insurance company. They needed to determine my state of health to see how much money they’d need to charge me.

They sent a nurse to my apartment to take some urine and blood samples. But a 6.0 earthquake hit Napa during the night before the nurse was supposed to come over. It was my first earthquake and it scared the shit out of me. I was in no mood to be poked with needles so I called to reschedule.

A week later the nurse showed up and took the samples. No big deal. I’d hear from the insurance company in a few weeks.

My buddy that was selling me the insurance called a few weeks later.

“I can’t believe it. They gave you Ultra-Preferred. This is the best bracket they have. They know all about the injuries and surgeries from the avalanche and they still gave it to you. I sell their products and they won’t even give me Ultra-Preferred.”

My buddy calls this “The Superman Policy”. Because I’m qualified for “Ultra-Preferred”, I get to pay a little less for the policy and I get a little more in dividends.

It is important to note: the insurance company gave this to me after I had broken every bone in my face, broke a rib that punctured and collapsed my lung, had a trach inserted into my throat, severed my ACL, had 11 anchors holding my shoulder together, and I probably drink too much.

Give It A Shot

I’m convinced the reason I did so well on the exam is because of the periodic fasting. I could be wrong or maybe that is just part of the reason.

It seems to me that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself, if given the opportunity.
It’s like we have this great toolkit inside each of us that can fix ourselves, that we didn’t know existed.

If you are experiencing any kind of illness, give fasting a try. See what potential lays dormant inside of you.

Remember: I’m not a medical professional, so it’d be good to consult one first.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities that have limited to no downside and some or potentially large upside. No one has ever died eating 6 out of 7 days in a week. It costs nothing to try, all you need is several glasses of water. Fasting can provide benefits that no drugs can match. No one is allergic to fasting.

And if nothing good happens, at least nothing bad will either.

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