Utilize Difficulties in a Constuctive Fashion


I take full responsibility for my lot in life.  It is what I have or have not made it.

I’m still trying.  Most of the time I’m just spinning my wheels in the mud, not getting anywhere.

Charlie Munger’s advice to become a Learning Machine resonated deeply with me. I thought, “Hey, even I can do that.”  That’s why I named this blog Adventures in Learning.

Recovering from the avalanche gave me a new way to look at things.  I hoped to use the lessons I learned from that experience to propel me in the direction I want to go.

I’m not there yet.  I get scared, depressed, and frustrated that I haven’t done more to create value for other people.

I’ve found that if I surround myself with great people, then I feel better about myself.  It’s a selfish act because I haven’t figured out how to return the favor.  When I have a conversation with a great friend or acquaintance, I am better for it.

I love a great pep talk.

It would be nice to have a conversation with an inspiring person everyday, but I haven’t been able to make that happen yet.  So I use books, the internet, and social media to increase my exposure to great people, that inspire me and encourage me to stay positive.

I came across this short video on twitter the other day.  It’s a cut from a Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode where Joe is going off on a deep, profound, and positive pep talk.

It’s good stuff.  I’ve listened to it several times.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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