Give your kids an UNFAIR advantage, and a world of opportunity… for FREE.

One of the American Myths.

One of the American Myths.

Without a big announcement–life has changed.  Technology has destroyed the gatekeepers.  Information and knowledge are cheaper and more accessible now than ever.
This change is leaving many behind and exposing a lot of American Myths.
Did you know “The American Dream” was coined by marketers after WWII to help Fannie Mae sell more mortgages?  How many folks feel they HAVE to own a house?  I wonder if they understand good marketing?
Another American Myth that is slowly fading away is the importance of college.  Most humans learn by doing, by experience.  Unless you’re trying to learn how to drink beer without throwing up, there are better uses for one’s time.
But learning is important! Yep, it sure is.  But it can also be done for a fraction of the cost in time and money that college demands.  For instance, you can get an MIT education for FREE online.
But you need to go to college to get a job!  Well… not really.  Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college… to go to work.  Google Cares Less About SAT Scores And GPA Because They Have Better Hiring Data .  They’re more concerned with employee’s creativity and ability to produce results.
So what are the options?  What do you do if you don’t go to college but you want learn and be productive?
First I recommend reading this free ebook from James Altucher “50 Alternatives To College“.
Then listen to this podcast (it’s about an hour long, and if you want you can do a search and download it on itunes) where Altucher and his co-host debate the pros and cons of college education.  This podcast is the most well thought out and reasoned discussion I’ve heard on the topic.
More and more smart people are realizing that college is unnecessary.  The good news is that there are plenty of great alternatives.
If you have any questions, let me know,

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